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Alexandria's Newest Business Organization
Parker Gray High School

QSABA is an association of business owners, property owners and individuals who share common interests and concerns. The organization was established to provide opportunities to publicize the area as a developing community responding to the needs of its members.

QSABA members represent businesses and properties that are primarily located in the heart of the historic Parker-Gray district, east and west between North Patrick Street and North West Street, north and south between Princess Street and Cameron Street, and the adjacent areas of Oronoco and Pendleton Streets.

QSABA aspires to take responsibility for determining its destination and objectives. We believe that interaction with officials from the Alexandria government and private sector will help the City structure and deliver services beneficial to our business area. In addition, QSABA will provide information about City affairs and projects, as well as enhance collaboration with other local business associations, interested private citizens and organizations.

Contact Information:

Queen Street Area Business Association (QSABA)
Wilson Thompson, President/Chair
c/o Calhoun's Tax & Financial Services
1201 Queen Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314


since May 31, 2008